Teaching Your Toddlers Manners Is Not as Difficult as You May Think

Your child might have just started speaking two-syllable words like Mama and Dada. In this cutest period of their life, you can teach your tots good manners. Yes, teaching basic manners to your kids is as easy as ABC. How? They even barely know how to eat without making a mess! These simple steps will shock you:


The Basic

Teaching your kids good manners is like building blocks with Lego. You can’t expect them to build a giant Lego robot instantly. Instead, they primarily start with combining two blocks. This means they’ll soon learn good manners after they cope the basics.

You can start by always saying “please” and “thank you.” Soon when your kid starts talking, they’ll probably use these words especially when they hear it from you. Don’t get frustrated when your kids forget to say these words. It may take some time for them to understand why they must say it. In such cases, you can use prompters like “What do you say?”

Bonus: Always praise your kid when he remembers to say “please” and “thank you.”


Be A Great Teacher

It doesn’t mean you have to lecture your child about good manners and right conduct. You have to show them what it is. To teach your kids good manners, you must be a good role model. Toddlers spend more time with you than anything else; that means they have a lot of time to observe you and study your behavior.thank_you

Saying good speech will encourage your kids to do the same. Saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” is an effective way of showing your children how to be polite.


Give Them Playtime

Giving your child a time to play with other kids is also an effective way of teaching them politeness and good manners. But this will only be effective if done right by the parent. The parent must assure “fun” playtime for the kids with no crying, sobbing and screaming to happen.

The parent must set rules that will be clearly understood by the children. It is also best for the parent to keep her child’s favorite toy beforehand – this is to avoid quarrels. You must also tell your kid to share her toys (this is quite difficult and challenging, but this is one of the effective ways of teaching a child to share).Kids Playtime

Simple rules can be:

  • No pushing
  • No name calling
  • No taking of toys when someone’s playing it
  • Borrow toys by using “please.”

Lay these rules in the most child-friendly manner. Saying these in a strict manner can spoil the fun at the very beginning. You must also give them treats when playtime rules were followed. Don’t forget to commend your child for the good things they have done on their playmates.

You see, it’s not as complicated as you may have thought. Teaching children good manners is easy. Of all the things discussed, always keep in mind our number two on the list – be a good role model. Is your child having behavioral problems in the school? The next article will discuss things that you can do to help your kid imply positive manners in school.